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Kevin Pringle

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Kevin Pringle

Ever since Kevin Pringle can remember, he was in love with comic books and drawing. He would spend countless hours creating characters and stories, lost in his own world of creative bliss.  Near daily trips to the local comic store kept his inspiration flowing, but with adulthood on the horizon, and the bubble of comic book mega-success of the mid 1990’s already being burst, the dream of creating comics faded, and a more practical application of his artistic abilities was sought out as he entered into the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA. 

Admittedly, he “didn’t know what the f*^%# I was doing” during his time in school, and became discouraged.  Eventually, due to financial limitations, and his father’s diagnosis with a terminal illness, he decided to shift gears entirely, and dropped his artistic ambitions, figuring he would pick it up later in life; once he made his mark doing something else. He spent the entirety of his 20’s chasing that “something else”, but came up short. As he found himself turning 30 years old, he had an awakening, that his one true desire, his one true passion, is creating comics.

He hit the drawing board with a renewed passion for the craft and a determination to live his childhood dream.  However, taking a decade off from drawing/writing/creating had proved to be a setback, as he found that he was basically starting over from scratch. He embarked on the process of re-learning how to draw and write. He acquired every single drawing book, writing book, and any ‘must-have’ comic book that he could garner inspiration and education from. After years of frustration, hard work, and determination, he is finally working as an artist, creating various pin-ups, sketches, covers, and other commissioned work, while creating his own book.

The ultimate reach of his dream is this book that is entirely his own, titled “Erelim”.  As the creator of both the story and art; it is a complete manifestation of his artistic expression. A story he had been slowly piecing together in his head since he was a teenager, and a work that gives him the sense of creative bliss he once lived in as a boy.


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