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Bearded Artist

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Bearded Artist

2b or not to 2b...

Kevin Nichols is an award-winning, photorealistic portrait artist whose drawings will BLOW. YOUR. MIND!

He made his first “Con Artist” debut at the Cincinnati Comic Expo in 2017. As a Cinci native, he quickly established himself as one of the BEST pencilers around.

A pencil is a pencil, right?

It took Kevin nearly 30 years, a myriad of different pencils, and oodles of paper types to find his magic match: ALL of his drawings are completed with 0.5mm 2b mechanical pencil on bristol board.

Each drawing contains anywhere from 10 – 200+ hours of hard work, love, and passion poured into it.

The detail is AMAZING and hard not to stare at for hours on end!

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