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Julia Mann


Julia Mann

My love of art started at a young age. I loved watching old Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons, and they inspired me to become an artist. I would spend hours drawing characters from my favorite movies, cartoons, and comic strips. I got my first set of good colored pencils when I was about 7 and taught myself how to draw and shade. In high school, I enjoyed making drawings for friends and family. In college, I started out as a biology major, but switched to a B.A. in studio art shortly after taking an art class for fun my sophomore year. From 2002 to 2014, I did everything from designing stationery, to painting murals for kids rooms, and illustration.

Then in 2015, I picked up my colored pencils and sketchbook and began drawing every day, trying to get better at my craft for me. It has been fun rediscovering my love for colored pencils and challenging myself to improve each day. I’ve been drawings things that make me happy and remind me of childhood and happy memories. It has been so fun to see it bring smiles to others and inspire them to keep drawing and never give up.

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