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Jose Delbo

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Jose Delbo

My eclectic career also includes published illustrated comic books featuring some of our cultures most iconic women such as Raggedy Ann, Little Lulu, Barbie and Wonder Woman, Disney, The Beatles, Gold Key Comics and more. I have also illustrated cartoons for the past 50 years for comic book fans across the world and in several languages. My original comic book pages have been displayed in museums, private collections and can often be seen trading on internet sites. As a former vice-president of the National Cartoonist Society and industry celebrity, I have been featured on various news and entertainment television programs and founded a Cartoon Camp for young cartoonists originally housed at the International Museum of Cartoon Art.

My most recent works take his art to new heights, six foot tall painted murals. They are detailed, original hand-paintings. Larger than life, these acrylic on canvas works of art recreate comic book original pages done years ago.

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