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Jonesbridge Media

Friends since high school, Jonathan Thomas Jones and James “Jim Taft" Bridges have shared a love for all things comics, sci-fi and fantasy. Luckily for them, their friendship has only grown since then as Jones has become a writer and Bridges has become a visual artist. After years of constantly sharing work and providing feedback, the two of them decided to come together to form Jonesbridge Media, where they create with each other. In addition to visual arts, they have begun to venture into game development and podcasting.

Jonathan Thomas Jones has written two children’s books in his Little Bot series, a novel each in his “Worlds of Wonder” and “The Way of All Flesh” series and two novellas in his “The Wilden Siblings” series. He is determined to release his work on a monthly basis and he maintains a blog on his personal website at

James “Jim Taft” Bridges has been doing visual art as far back as he can remember. He has done graphic design work for multiple websites and publications and enjoys working on a commission basis. He frequently paints live on periscope and posts his work on Instagram @jimtaftart.

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