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John Sloboda

Graphic Artist

John Sloboda

John Sloboda is a Graphic Artist whose illustration includes official art for Star Wars, The Walking Dead, The Hobbit, DC Comics, the Marvel Universe and more. He is a licensed sketch-card artist for Topps, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, and Breygent Marketing. He also creates 3-D work for charity auctions like the Biker Scout Helmet Project, As You Wish Project, the ArTmor Project (Toys for Tots), and It's Alive (St. Jude Children's Research). Other work includes exclusive art for AMC, and illustrated poster art for Walker Stalker Con, New Beverly Cinema, Cleveland Cinemas, and Screamfest LA.

Sloboda is also the Director of Design and Exhibitions at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, where he has designed featured exhibits for John Mellencamp, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, the Clash and more.

You can view his art at

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