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Jim Krueger

Jim Krueger


New York Times best-selling author Jim Krueger is a graduate of Marquette University, an award-winning filmmaker, story/script doctor, copy-writer, video game developer and comic book writer best known for his epic works and ability to adapt the mythologies/characters of DC, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse and other companies. He’s worked on everything from the X-Men to Batman and Superman to the Avengers, Star Wars, and the Justice League of America.

Krueger also launched two new comic book formats, both which were later utilized by DC and Marvel. He is a former Creative Director at Marvel Entertainment Group.


• The Runner (DRAMA/THRILLER about a man on the run from Death for 80 years) has a first-look deal with FOX. Graphic novel coming out this year. • Jack ‘N’ Ape development deal with Disney as well as other undisclosed development projects for Disney

• Alphabet Supes, a multi-platform EDU- TAINMENT literacy project.

• 2 time Addy Award winner. Advertising clients included Proctor and Gamble, Ray-O-Vac, The Got Milk Campaign, How-To-Talk- To-Your-Kids-About-Not-Smoking, Marvel Comics, The Sheboygan Coho Derby and many others.

• Wrote Earth X for Marvel – Best series of the year award from Wizard Magazine. Brought him to the attention of Marvel Studios.

• Wrote Justice for DC – Most famous collaboration with Alex Ross — won the Eisner Award for Best Graphic Novel of the Year. Gem award for Best Comic Of The year.

• Additionally, Jim has developed and produced original comic books that have brought new franchises to life.

• FOOT SOLDIERS (Sci Fi Super hero, optioned a number of times)

• THE CLOCK MAKER (Steam Punk Vintage adventure)


• LAST STRAW MAN (Batman as a Western, tv pilot currently being written) • THE STAND-IN (Drama/Mystery. Northwest by Nortwest Meets Dave)

• MARY STITCHES (Children’s Fantasy, Drama. Harry Potter with scars) • New prose novels include THE FRANKINCENSE MONSTER AND OTHER HAUNTED CHRmISTMAS STORIES, NEVER A NEVERBOY, THERE’S SOMETHING DARK ON THE ARK and the award-winning short drama story, THE DOLL

• Testament – voted as one of the top ten graphic novels of the year by Barnes & Noble – the old testament, painted by the

greatest artists in the comic book industry.

• Writer on the Satellite Award-winning videogame – Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (Best Video Game of the year). Also nominated by GAME PLAY as The Most Surprigly good game of the year. Also developed REMNANT KNIGHTS for Funimation.

• They Might Be Dragons (wrote and directed the award-winning short film.) Won a silver at Crested Butte. Won best Short Film at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival. The video is still used by NYU as the best example of what can be accomplished in their “director’s workshop”.

• Directed the guerilla short film musical “11”. Winner of the RIPFEST film festival.

• International public speaker, having spoken on “the necessity of the suffering of heroes” and “How to tell your story like a

Hollywood pitch” – everywhere from being a keynote speaker at Cambridge to a guest lecturer at the White House, and a frequent speaker on college campuses and film festivals.

NEW PROJECTS: Old Leaf, The Wicked Witch Of The Midwest, and the Golem


Old Leaf - The Wicked Witch Of The Midwest - Golem

Writer of 'Justice' - a graphic novel drawn by Alex Ross

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