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Jennifer Messman

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Jennifer Messman

Jennifer Messman is a Senior animator/VFX Artist currently working for Jam City, a mobile company based in San Francisco. She is currently working on the title Snoopy Pop. She has been working as a professional Game animator for 7yrs in the United States.  

Prior to her time here in the USA she was working as an animator for Animated series such as Grossology, Ugly Americans, Iggy Arbuckle, Scaredy Squirrel and many more. She was asked to make the move to the USA by then Facebook company Kabam in 2010. Since Moving to the USA she has worked for big Game companies such as Playstudios, Kabam and Booyah helping to launch large titles.

She is also currently building a brand #gloc which stands for "Gorgeous Ladies of Cosplay" with new cosplayers to become a more visible figure in the Comic convention circuit. Actively promoting cosplayers and assisting custom artwork while building her own has brought welcome attention to the cosplayers she works with and helped them build their brands.

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