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Jennifer Lowther


Jennifer Lowther

Jennifer Lowther does creative needlework in the form of Plastic Canvas. She has been a part of the comic con artist scene since fall of 2014 when a friend gave her the idea to switch from the venue of local craft shows and gear it towards the comic con scene. She started out making holiday themed and other varieties of items for local craft shows and for commissions. She then started making more items geared to the pop culture theme with TV show, movie and video game characters, they have been a huge hit amongst her friends and the fans. She has been doing all different types of art from a young age on including drawing and painting along with the plastic canvas. Her whole family is very are oriented. It was not a surprise when she took off and excelled with her art. 

Her items range from refrigerator magnets to coasters to tissue box covers to wall hangings and much much more. She has also recently started combining some pieces of her plastic canvas work in with paintings. 

When she isn't making art or at a convention , she is spending her time with her 3 horses. She enjoys taking care of the. Most of her summer weekends are spent at horse shows competing in different styles of riding. 

Check out her work on her Facebook page:

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