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Jen Finelli

Jen Finelli

If you're really good at math, come by Jen's booth for a chance to win $100 and four exclusive hand-carved stone rings from the Becoming Hero novel! That's the story about the comic book character who kills his author--you know.

Jen Finelli is a world-traveling award-nominated scifi author who's ridden a motorcycle in a monsoon, escaped being locked in a German nunnery by the sea, discovered beautiful murals and poetry in underground urban caves, explored jungles and coral deserts, and hung out with everyone from dead babies and prostitutes to secretive Senators. She longs for stories that speak truth about the human condition and shine lights on people often hidden in the shadows of modern fiction. She’s a practicing MD, but when she grows up, she’ll be a superhero. Hit her up before the conference on Twitter @petr3pan, and maybe she'll bring you some free stuff! If you want cancer-fighting zombie fiction, dinosaur picture books, scientists jumping into volcanoes, or talking cars and peyote, you might like Jen's stuff.

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Check out her upcoming movie:

Also, check out the website of the talented artist for Becoming Hero's "comic inside the novel" at Annie Chen's site:

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