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JB Manas

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JB Manas

J. B. Manas is a Philadelphia-based author of fiction and nonfiction. He is the author of the new sci-fi thriller, Atticus, and co-author of the The Kronos Interference, named to the “Best of 2012” by Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus gave the book a starred review, calling it “impressively original” and “[a] tour de force.”

Manas is an avid movie buff, pop culture maven, popular speaker, art lover, world traveler, songwriter and guitarist, technology geek, wine connoisseur, and an armchair philosopher–all of which make their way into his writing at one time or another.  He enjoys writing fast-paced, sci-fi adventure thrillers infused with historical secrets, scientific discoveries, and exotic locales. Manas writes out of his home in suburban Philadelphia, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and dog Kayla, an American Dingo rescued from the swamps of South Carolina. Visit his website at

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