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Jay Erickson


Jay Erickson

JAY ERICKSON grew up in the Midwest before joining the United States Air Force at the age of nineteen as an aircraft mechanic. During his active tour, he earned two degrees in Computer Applications and Aerospace Maintenance. In 2001, he separated from active service and became an Air Force Reservist. Since that time, he has held a variety of jobs from working at a casino, to crane operation, to masonry. Even with a myriad of different careers, though, writing has been his primary love and interest. He is best known for his series THE BLOOD WIZARD CHRONICLES: PARIAH. Other credits include: STORMWIND (2015), DARK CONSORT (2016), SOUL PIERCER of the MISSING PIECES VII Anthology (2016), and the short story PAST DUE, which was an 84th Annual Writer’s Digest runner-up. Mr. Erickson resides in Northwest Indiana with his wife and two children.

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