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Jason Pittman

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Jason Pittman

Jason Pittman is a self-published writer/artist for comic books, such as The War for Kaleb, and Leftovers. His stories are about the issues that arise when people hang onto events in their lives, and refuse to let go. Leftovers examines these issues through multi-genre short stories.  His most recent book, The War for Kaleb is a critically-acclaimed story about an anxiety disorder told through the metaphor of clashing superheros.  

Other work includes independent books, Simon Says written by Matt Smith, and the Disposable Parts anthology.

Jason attended both The Joe Kubert School of Cartooning, Dover NJ, and The School of Visual Arts, NYC. He studied under cartoonists such as Jessica Abel (Trish Trash: Roller Girl of Mars, La Perdida), and Adam Kubert (X-Men, Wolverine).

Jason lives in Portland, OR with his artist wife, Desiree' Pittman.

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