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Jason Inman

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Jason Inman

Hailing from a farm in Kansas, and now thriving in the Superhero universe, it's no wonder why Jason Inman is often mistaken as the last son of Krypton.

A storyteller at heart, Jason creates and produces his own content on a regular basis. He’s currently the co-writer of Jupiter Jet, a five issue mini-series published by Action Lab Entertainment. Plus, his podcast, Geek History Lesson, a weekly show that explores the secret histories of everyone's favorite pop culture characters, and various other weekly reaction and recap videos, can all be found on Jason's YouTube Channel, which has over 12 million views.  

Jason is a frequent guest on Collider Movie Talk and hosted DC ALL ACCESS, the show that brings you all the latest announcements from the world of DC, for 4 years. Also, Jason hosted special features for Warner Bros on the Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad Blu-rays. 

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Jupiter Jet, Geek History Lesson

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