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Jake Stormoen

Jake Stormoen

Jake Stormoen was born in Minneapolis, MN. An avid world traveler, Jake earned his BCA from the University of Southern Queensland in QLD, Australia before moving to Los Angeles. There, he was accepted into the renowned acting program at the Ruskin Theatre where he studied under Sanford Meisner’s apprentice himself, John Ruskin. Jake quickly landed a lead role in the sci-fi fantasy feature film series "Mythica". The success of the Mythica franchise landed him more than a dozen feature films, and three television series, including the Emmy nominated 'Relationship Status', last year's post apocalyptic series 'Extinct', and presently the network series 'The Outpost' on The CW, and subsequently on SYFY across the globe.

In The Outpost Jake plays the role of Garret – a Paladin of a Knight whose honor and loyalty are often placed above all else, at the risk of often dangerous outcomes. When asked about the role, Jake replies “My oldest childhood fantasy was to be a Knight—to fight for the people, to vanquish monsters and to ride into battle. ‘Outpost’ is literally a dream come true.”

Jake's lifelong love of countless books and games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and numerous MMO’s including World of Warcraft paid off. On set he performs all his own stunts when possible, putting to use his childhood garnered skills in archery, fencing, rock climbing and even cracking bullwhips.


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