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Jahni Kwatrae

Jahni Kwatrae

Jahni Kwatrae is a filmmaker, writer and occasional artist from Fort Wayne, IN. He briefly attended the Art Institute of Atlanta (AiA) before entering the indie film scene as a music video director and creator/director of a few of his own short films. During grade school, Jahni had an aspiration to draw and write comics. In 2008, he got a taste of directing, shooting, and editing his first film "Zuri". It was submitted into the AiA film festival. Although he didn't place, he and others knew he had a talent in film works. Jahni always felt that film and comics were strongly connected.

This was the key to the creation of his most successful work to date, Giallo Gumbo (GG). Giallo Gumbo is an urban, horror, and noir crime fiction series that Jahni began developing his junior year of high school in 2003. Years later, in 2011, he decided to revisit three characters he'd originally created to write their stories as a short film/movie script. The films never materialized but the stories were written. Due to the fact that Jahni had a long connection with the stories and characters of GG, he decided to revamp the characters and their horrifying tales into the original median they were intended…comics. This time, art direction would be done manga style.  Six years later, Jahni has completed the #0 Zero Issue of GG which includes the stories of 17 of his original characters.   

Ever since Jahni self-published the #0 Issue of the GG series, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to all who have had the opportunity to visit the world of Giallo Gumbo. Jahni is currently working full-time to ensure that Giallo Gumbo becomes an internationally acclaimed transmedia property he'd set out for it to be as a teenager. This means that more written material, an anime series, lots of merchandising, and eventually a video game are all in the plans for Giallo Gumbo. Jahni is also busy with a few other follow-up projects under the indie publisher Carbon Age Comics. He looks forward to growing as a creator of many cool projects that the world can love and appreciate with his unique vision that hasn't quite been seen in the comic and film industry. If you haven't indulged yet, pick up a copy and enjoy some Gumbo. It's sure to not disappoint.


Giallo Gumbo Zero

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