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J. Matthew Welker

J. Matthew Welker

J. Matthew Welker is a Pop Artist living in Franklin, Tennessee. A strong affinity for pop culture’s finest: movies, music, sports, television and graphic novels inspire J. Matthew and serve as his primary subjects. 

Raised in Huntsville, Alabama, J. Matthew spent most of his 1980’s childhood sketching his favorite pop culture moments. As he hit his teen years in the 90’s, two other passions caused him to put down his pencils for over a decade: girls and movies. Film led him to a directing degree at Columbia College Chicago, followed by a decade as an actor and filmmaker in Los Angeles until one specific girl came into his life, followed by a beautiful son and daughter. The dream of film had been replaced by the dream of having a family.

The fine art chapter re-opened when J. Matthew was attempting to commission an artist to do pop art paintings for his newborn son’s nursery. Unable to find the perfect style, J. Matthew decided to see if he still had the talent himself. Unfortunately, he had no experience as a painter. Pencils had long been his instrument of choice. But instead of allowing his lack of formal training to be a roadblock, J. Matthew used it to create his own distinct simplistic pop style. 

J. Matthew takes the pop culture images that are ingrained in our memories from the 70’s, 80’s and ‘90’s and gives them a simplistic and vibrant new life. Using a combination of acrylic paint and ink pen, he fills in his original sketches using solid blocks of color, which allows the subject to “pop” from the background, giving the viewer a new experience with a familiar image.

J. Matthew now resides with his family in Nashville, Tennessee and shows his work at galleries and art shows throughout the South.

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