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J. Darris Mitchell


J. Darris Mitchell

Captain Catalina Solaris Xao Mondragon has a problem. If the Artemis is to continue its work of upholding the Charter and providing colonists of the 51 Seeded Worlds with help terraforming and stabilizing their still young ecosystems, she'll need to replace her entomologist. The problem is that the only bug-guy Catalina has ever met who is skilled enough to work on her ship is her ex-boyfriend, and he has the infuriating habit of falling in love and seducing a different woman on every planet he goes to.

If Catalina hopes to figure out what the hell the creatures were that devoured her last entomologist, Roman Jupiter is her best bet, and surely a few bruised feelings are worth a planet? Catalina thinks its worth the risk, even if her crew of interstellar ecologists have other feelings about Jupiter and his lousy poetry.

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