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J. Cody Adams

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J. Cody Adams

J. Cody Adams is a self-taught sketch artist who has lived all over the United States, and currently resides in Newalla, OK. He has always been interested in and has enjoyed drawing; however, this interest has become a passion over the last five years. While working for a mobile X-ray company in Maine, he found he had downtime between X-rays and decided to buy himself an art pad. He started drawing sketches and sharing them with his older sister, an artist. She suggested he try using charcoal as a medium. He tried it and fell in love. Since then, he has spent every moment he can creating photorealistic charcoal sketches. He began giving sketches as gifts which soon led to his accepting commissions to create pieces for friends of friends and family who had seen his work. His work hangs on the walls of local businesses and countless homes.

Cody is inspired by animals and nature, family, faith, pop culture and various fandoms. He loves capturing moments, feelings, and the emotions of the people and characters he loves through his art. Nothing is more satisfying to Cody than when he is able to share his talent with others and capture their passions, interests, and the things they love in a sketch.

Cody works full-time as an X-ray technician in Oklahoma City and spends his time at home with his wife of 13 years, their 7 children, their dogs, and their many chickens. His best opportunities for sketching come during downtime while he is working overnight shifts at the hospital. His dream is to be able to create art full-time, allowing him to spend more time at home with his family and honing his craft.

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