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J. Ajouissance

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J. Ajouissance

J. Ajouissance is an American author, illustrator, and the comic book inspired graphic novel series, DESTABILIZATION. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in The Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana. Ajouissance has spent most of his formative years being influenced by the works of C.S. Lewis, Maurice Sendak, and Lewis Carrol, and was completely transformed when he received his first comic book, Fantastic Four, in the late 70s.

Having a strong partiality toward social constructs and geopolitical affairs, Ajouissance crafted DESTABILIZATION as a narrative with which to explore a variety of existencial, societal imponderables. The series leans heavily towards a mature readership, as much of the subject matter held therein is tailored for critical thinkers, black sheep, and those who seek to engage in musings of an alternative nature. 

More information about J. Ajouissance and his DESTABILIZATION series can be found on his website:

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