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Ineedsugar Cosplay

Ineedsugar Cosplay

Born as a Cosplayer in ye olden days, Sugar can remember a time when all wigs were cheap and shiny and all fabric was broadcloth or satin. Her humble upbringing in Southern Louisiana instilled her with a healthy dose of hard work and an overly friendly, cheerful disposition.

Since her introduction to anime culture and cosplay in 2008, Sugar has been living the cosplay lifestyle and loving every minute of it. Her early focuses were making friends and becoming a better craftsman, and not much has changed. She became hooked on competing because of the wonderful people it allowed her to meet and the great advice judges gave her as constructive criticism.

Outside of her cosplay life, Sugar is a classically trained seamstress and alum of LSU’s Apparel Design program and works as a freelance pattern maker/digitizer when she isn’t sewing up a storm! After proving her worth through a series of award winning cosplay and fashion design adventures, she took up judging Cosplay Contests as a way to share the knowledge she’s picked up from over a decade of hard work.

Her favorite part of cosplay is the learning and growing community that supports each other and never stops improving."


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