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Guerrero Art

Born and raced in Mexico City Guillermo Guerrero found a hobby at the age of 5 later that Hobby become a passion at the age of 12. Moving to USA he found a whole new world of complete and extensive comic book art and anime, he decided he wanted to do something about the talent God had given to him to share with others, during his high school years he earned a scholarship for a program at Disney’s CALARTS (California Art Institute in Valencia) where he learned character design and the basics of animation. Since 2013 he has being working as a comic book and graphic artist, going to conventions selling his work, in Sacramento, LA, San Diego and most of the central valley. In 2015 Guerrero was blessed to be a panelist at the big San Diego ComicCon where he along with his partner Zachary Smith (a Comic book writer based in Bakersfield) released their Comic Book "Meifumado" a book about vampires and a hero who is seeking revenge for the slaughter of his family. Guerrero has illustrated about 5 books and also worked in character design for comic books in the last 3 years. Guerrero's number one priority in going to conventions is to inspire young artist to always follow their dream and do something about it, he loves letting them know the big secret "nothing is impossible, you just have to work hard for it, God always bless and rewards hardworking people”

You can find his work at

Instagram: L_guerrero33

Facebook: Guerrero art

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