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GOMEZ Studios

GOMEZ Studios

Currently I'm a senior artist at a gaming company based in Chicago. I see projects through from beginning to end. Some of the awesome and more recent I.P. I've worked on theris Gremlins, Simpsons (soon to be released) and Seinfeld. But my heart belongs to comics and pop culture. My 20 plus professional career as an artist started in comics penciling and inking a couple short stories, pin-ups and card art for Chicago based Comico Comics in the early to mid 90's. From there I went on to pencil and ink, The Bells, an Edgar Allen Poe story adapted by Rafael Nieves published by Caliber Press. I then went on to join the digital boom and was hired on at Rolling Stone Magazine online designing web graphics and animation for promo pages.

From there I honed my skills in multiple programs such as most of the Adobe Suite and various 3D programs which helped further my career in online casual gaming, console gaming and now casino gaming. My gaming career allowed me to work with fantastic companies and I.P.(s) such as Nickelodeon (Spongebob, Rugrats, Danny Phantom and more), Lego (Star Wars, Bionicles, Lego sports), Adult Swim (Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law). 

Now I’m jumping back into the comic book scene. Although it’s been local this is my third year doing comic cons (my second time doing WW) selling prints and working on my own projects that I hope I can release next year. See you at Chicago Wizard World!

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