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Ghostbusters Cleveland

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Ghostbusters Cleveland

Ghostbusters: Cleveland

Ghostbusters Cleveland, an official Ghost Corps franchise, serves all of the Sixth City's professional paranormal investigation and elimination needs. “We’re ready to believe you!”

We are a local fan group celebrating all things related to the “Ghostbusters” films. In association with our friends in other local franchises, we bring proton packs; ghost traps; and paranormal fun to local events, parades, and festivals and help raise awareness and money for good causes.


Ecto-1M: the “Ectomobile” from the classic “Ghostbusters” films; not a replica but reimagined with today’s technology, and for today’s gas prices! When not transporting the local Cleveland Ghostbusters franchise to their calls busting pesky poltergeists, this MINI version of Ecto-1 makes special appearances around the North Coast to drum up business and add a little bit of mass hysteria to local events.

What started-out as a bit of Halloween fun has become a year-round fixture at events such as the Lake County Captains Ghostbuster Night, Dick Goddard’s Woollybear Parade, and the Avon Duct Tape Festival.  A 2012 MINI Cooper Clubman wagon featuring a custom-built roof rack bristling with ghost-hunting paraphernalia, emergency lights salvaged from an abandoned snow plow, and a siren that’s been called ‘too darn loud’ by local great-aunts, Ecto-1M seats two Ghostbusters comfortably (or three very uncomfortably) along with their proton packs, ghost traps, and boxes of Stay-Puft marshmallows.

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