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Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay


Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay

Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay is a 14 year old up and coming cosplayer from Ohio who believes in the motto of "Kids CAN Cosplay." Galaxy strives to demonstrate to adults and kids that cosplay isn't only for adults. She works to show that skills learned and used in cosplay for fun, are also skills children will use in school and in daily life in their future. Her favorite part of cosplay is bringing to life recognizable characters that kids of all ages (and adults) enjoy. Outside of cosplay, Galaxy is a Presidential Award winning honors student who enjoys acting with her local civic theater, gaming, and participating on her school volleyball team and local swim team. She also enjoys volunteering for her local humane society and, when time allows, cosplaying with the charity cosplay group Hero Strong, from Dayton.

Galaxy began cosplaying at the age of 9 (with the help of her parents and grandparents) by debuting her Weeping Angel cosplay from Doctor Who at Wizard World Louisville and fell in love with the cosplay community and con scene. Since then she has worked with her family to learn and perfect new cosplay skills in order to build competiton cosplays for the adult and master level cosplay competitions in the con community. Galaxy is proud to have won in the Journeyman level at Cincinnati Comic Expo which has allowed her to now compete in the Master level with many talented adult cosplayers. She has also won or placed at cosplay competitions at Animatic Con and Gem City Comic Con. 2017 was a huge year for Galaxy, as at age 12 she was chosen to be the featured Youth Cosplay Guest for Animatic Con where she judged her first costume contest. Following that, she was asked to host her first "Kids CAN Cosplay" panel, and to help present the kids cosplay contests for Wizard World Columbus. She has also been featured on the cover of Cosplayzine Magazine, in the 2017 Women vs. Cosplay calendar, and in the 2017/18 Ohio River Valley Cosplay Calendar.

Her best known cosplays are her Doctor Who Weeping Angel, Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, and a family favorite of Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. Galaxy has also cosplayed anime characters Madoka Kaname and Nel Tu, as well as more mainstream characters like Lady Sif from Thor: A Dark World, Lady Beetlejuice, Arya Stark in Braavos from Game of Thrones, and Georgie from Stephen King's IT. She believes that cosplay is more than just "dressing up" for big kids and adults and looks forward to sharing how cosplay has positively influenced her in her daily life with everyone! Galaxy can be found on Facebook at and on Instagram, @galaxyamethystcosplay .

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