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Felipe Cagno

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Felipe Cagno

I'm 34 years old and I have been working pretty much exclusively with comics since 2013. I have a background in film making, got my Master's degree at Chapman University and wrote and directed my first feature-length film in 2012, A Bullet With No Name.

My first comic book series was the epic adventure The Lost Kids: Seeking Samarkand. It was an adaptation of a feature screenplay I wrote while at Chapman and working at producing companies like Arad Pictures, Weed Road and Misher Films.

Trying a different approach to comics, I came up with the short narrative challenge "321": comic book stories with 3 pages, 2 characters and 1 twist ending. The 321: Fast Comics series featured stories from every genre you can think of by a myriad of top-name artists.

My main series and focus has been the supernatural western The Few and Cursed about an alternate 1910 timeline where most of the water was suddenly gone and monsters rose up. The series features the Redhead, a nameless Curse Chaser that goes from town to town balancing the scales between evil and good. The Few and Cursed raised over $100K on Kickstarter crowdfunding the first four issues and the spin-off anthology Chronicles The Chronicles of the Few and Cursed.

Recently I also got the opportunity of writing a Planet of the Apes short story for comic book app Madefire and Fox. Last but not least I'm currently working on the sci-fi drama Adagio; which was the recipient's of a prestigious grant in Brazil in 2017.

Kickstarter Few and Cursed #4:



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