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EEK! Art - Emilee Kieffer


EEK! Art - Emilee Kieffer

Illustrator, game artist, graphic designer, and hopelessly sleep deprived. Emilee Kieffer has been fortunate to have a hand in many different art ventures, from concocting 3D models for the indie horror game Albino Lullaby to creating sleek Vegas style art for the company Scientific Games. She’s a multitool artist with loads of passion and drive, and she shows it through her artwork. When she’s not chugging away at her 9-5 office job in downtown Chicago, Emilee works as a freelance artist, crafting wickedly fierce artwork for clients and her online store. When she’s not working, thinking of what to work on next, or planning projects, she’s usually trying to enjoy a video game or a good book and hanging out with her loveable glorified piece of furniture: her cat Pike.

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