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Capie Creative


Capie Creative

Born on the Ides of March, Elisha Capie has naturally always been one for the darker side of life. In darkness you find honesty and truth, she believes, and those devils can be found in the details of her intricate works. Armed with passion and a pen, Elisha has found a medium through which to express the minute and the magnificent of the world.

Wider worlds waited while Elisha was growing up in the small towns of northeast Pennsylvania. Forever the local dreamer, Elisha sought to create her own adventures in mind and ink, adventures not so easily found in these charcoal towns. Her passionate heart and spontaneous wanderlust led her to many new places, though, places that furthered her dreams and schemes, and she actively seeks to portray them in her work.

Having lived abroad and about, Elisha has worked with some tremendously creative minds. From creatures to teachers, peers to seers, Elisha has always found something to learn from everyone she's met. The world is an amalgamation of experiences, and she hopes to spend her days collecting those experiences.

Aesthetic throughout, Elisha believes in art for the sake of art. Beauty exists in some of the most peculiar places, and perhaps here you'll find some beauty for yourself.

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