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Batman has the Batmobile. The Ghostbusters have the Ecto-1. Michael has K.I.T.T. and Doc has the

DeLorean Time Machine. Now, Geek Outlaw has the Ecto-100. Ever since I could learn to compute math
at a second grade level (the fact I was in fifth grade is not consequential), I dreamt about owning the
iconic movie vehicle from the blockbuster Ghostbusting film that made its debut in 1984. The second I
witnessed the Ecto-1’s headlights come to life within the Ghostbusters firehouse on the big screen, my
life mission had been set. After three decades of patience, hard work, long nights (mainly for my custom
auto body guy), and an unending drainage of my future offspring’s college funds, that dream has
become reality. Sort of.

The original vehicle the boys in grey used for their spooktackular ride, specifically the 1959 Cadillac
Miller Meteor Hearse, is about as rare as an unoperated-on actor in Hollywood. Finding and restoring
such a classic would’ve required the Outlaw to live out of his new vehicle more than he’d be driving it.
Thus, I decided to go a slightly different route.

Appropriately, a love of pickup trucks has been something the Outlaw has acquired over the past 15
years or so, and more recently a fondness for those from the classic era. Hence, when it came to taking
the plunge into building my new Ectomobile replica, I knew I wanted to go pickup, but I also wanted to
go classic in order to pay homage to the 59’ Caddy from the original film.

After a few years of research, I found my alternative model of choice in the 1959 Ford F-100. From that
point, it was just a matter of finding the right combination of engine, condition and look. Shockingly, or
not so shockingly depending on your comfortability with buying things on the internet, I found the
future Outlaw-mobile on eBay roughly 3000 miles away in good old New York. Coincidence? I think not.

I acquired the vehicle in November of 2016 after a myriad of headaches and issues that would only serve to raise my blood pressure again to retell the tale here. Nevertheless, the truck made it to my new home in Idaho and recently made her official debut at the Car d’Alene Car Show in June of 2018.

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