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E.D.E. Bell


E.D.E. Bell

E.D.E. Bell writes unique fantasy fiction hailed by reviewers as, “expertly crafted,” “increasingly suspenseful and engaging,” “completely unique and absolutely beautiful,” and “a breath of fresh air.” She offers signed hardcover editions of her novels: Spireseeker, The Banished Craft, and The Fettered Flame. Her quirky novels mix old and new fantasy, exploring themes of identity, prejudice, violence, compassion, personal burdens, and the ways we are connected. With diverse characters including pregnant wizards, dragon politicians, talking animals, and genderless elves, Bell’s stories explore new territory in the rich realm of fantasy.

Born in Cleveland in 1976, raised in Southeast Michigan, and living in Northern Virginia and Southwest Ohio, Bell is a graduate of the University of Michigan with an MSE in Electrical Engineering. She works as an advisor in technical intelligence and runs her independent publishing company with the support of her husband and three children. A passionate vegan and enthusiastic denier of gender rules, she feels strongly about issues related to equality and compassion and loves to inspire thought through her writing. She eats a questionable amount of garlic. She loves cats and trees.

Her novels are written for adults but are suitable for mature young adults. Her offset-printed hardcovers are ideal for gifts.

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