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Doug Kallberg

cartoonist Graphic Design Illustrator

Doug Kallberg

Doug Kallberg is an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, and painter. 

He is the man in charge of Free Range Studios and  member of the Twin Cities Comic Collective. Doug has been drawing his webstrip: Pandora's Box for nearly ten years and produces comic books of the strip between being the artist on The Kingdom of Loathing licensed comic book series (by the gaming company of the same name). His books have been featured at San Diego Comic-con International, various conventions in the Twin Cities Conventions, The Walker Art Center and have sold internationally. He has done illustration and graphics for many prominent individuals and companies in the Minneapolis metro area and Minnesota including: The Monday Night Comedy Show, The Comedy Corner Underground, the 10,000 Laughs comedy festival, Stand Up! Records, Dangerous Man Brewing, Sisyphus Brewing, various well known members of the Minneapolis comedy scene, as well as art for the St. Paul Saint's 'Ushertainers'.

He is currently working on Pandora’s Box Alpha X, 14 Days to Die, and many more comics to come.

He resides in the farthest reaches of the twin cities with his wife and daughter.

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