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Dominic LoBello's Art - Steelbred Studios

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Dominic LoBello's Art - Steelbred Studios

I am Dominic LoBello. I am a professional artist, born and raised in Westchester, IL, graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2012, and I've always been easy going, rebellious and down to earth. Above all I've always been creative. It's in my blood and I am an artist of a wide variety including comic books, concept art, illustration, graphic design, traditional art, and even animation.

I've worked doing projects such as the "Seniors" web series and comics for Kingdom Comics. Mainly I freelance my artwork while drawing whatever comes to mind for fun. Some of that includes the cover I did for the book "A Bit Closer to Heaven" or the illustration for the playing cards "Crusaders of Lornia". As of now I am a production artist for Sports Awards doing graphic design and photography.

I like to take something of fiction or fantasy and bring it to life. Further down the road I will also have newer, bigger, and even highly unique projects to come, so stay tuned. 

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