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Des Taylor


Des Taylor

Creator of -Scarlett Couture (Titan Comics) The Trouble With Katie Rogers (Madefire Motion Books) The Vesha Valentine Story.

Artist on - DC Bombshells, Dr Who, Archie, Assassins Creed, Star Trek 50 Artists, 50 Years 

Once again British artist Des Taylor brings his unique animated look, pin-up, superhero, Comic Pop Art style to Wizard World. Since his first appearance at WW Las Vegas Des has gone on to work for DC Entertainment on their Bombshell franchise,merchandise and on television in SKY's Official show for Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl-  DC FANCAST.

Des's work is currently exhibited in galleries in Las Vegas, Paris , Germany and also features in Star Trek's worldwide 50th Anniversary exhibition.

Be sure to pop over to his table to see what goodies he has in store for us this year

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