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Dicey Grenor

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Dicey Grenor

Dicey Grenor is a wife, mother, attorney, and author of racy fiction. She enjoys being analytical and thinking outside-the-box in professional and creative contexts. Before following her passion and writing fiction, she earned a Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Administration, and Juris Doctor degree.

In 2011, Dicey published her first novel, which set the tone for her brand of sexy, wild, daring, and risky stories. Fascinated by supernatural creatures and the dark side, Dicey also published Vol. 1 of The Narcoleptic Vampire Series, in 2011. There are currently seven books in this erotic urban fantasy/ horror series, which brings her total to ten self-published books.

Dicey is proud of writing multicultural characters and mixing genres. As a proponent for diversity and inclusion, Dicey also created and moderated Multiculturalism and Diversity in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror literary panels from 2014 to 2018.

When she’s not writing multilayered characters in intense, unpredictable plots, Dicey enjoys working out, watching TV/ movies, reading, and attending comic cons, porn conventions, and rock concerts. As a Stationhead Radio Host, Dicey plays the best in heavy metal music 24/7 and explores hot topics on her live two-hour “Spicy Dicey Radio Show”. Though her residence is Houston, Texas, Dicey enjoys interacting with people from across the world via social media and traveling.

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