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Excalibur Rings

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Excalibur Rings

David Lund has always had a love for art and creativity. After years of working in the information technology field at a local community college in Arizona, David decided he wanted to try something else to help bring in some extra income. Shortly after purchasing his new home in Mesa, Arizona, David began researching art and ancient jewelry making. He then took a specific liking to ring crafting but wanted to design his own rings. In the blistering heat of an Arizona summer, David made his first ring design which was a carbon fiber ring with spiral inlays containing crushed minerals. David purchased the equipment he needed and fully dedicated himself to making quality rings and unique designs. Today, David is the owner of Excalibur Rings and designs several rings a month with inlays ranging from common minerals to prehistoric fossils and meteorite. David has future plans to open a storefront in Tempe, Arizona.

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