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David Krumholtz

David Krumholtz

David Krumholtz is known for his vast array of characters over the many years, most notably starring in CBS’s highly successful and long-running series NUMB3RS. He can currently be seen as “Harvey Wasserman” in the HBO series THE DEUCE.

Film credits include, RAY, SUPERBAD, SERENITY, Joss Whedon’s feature-length adaptation of the sci-fi drama FIREFLY, THE SANTA CLAUSE 1 & 2, ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES, SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS, THE MEXICAN, SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK, TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, all 3 HAROLD & KUMAR films, the Coen Bros’ HAIL CAESAR, and Ang Lee’s THE ICE STORM amongst others.

Other television credits include Netflix’s MASTER OF NONE, FREAKS AND GEEKS, THE GOOD WIFE, THE NEWSROOM, ER, LAW & ORDER: SVU, BILLIONS, amongst many others.

Krumholtz currently resides in New Jersey. 





The Deuce

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