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David Carr

David Carr

Artist -, Cover Illustration- Doctor Who,  Illustrator- Forest Friends, Jest Murder Mysteries

David Carr is an award winning artist who has been working as a professional painter and designer for over 15 years. He recently has completed half a dozen covers for Titan's Doctor Who comic featuring all the recent era Doctors.

He has exhibited across the country, and has work in hundreds of private collections. He strives to maintain a high degree of creativity and excellence in his work, while meeting a balance between both his love of illustration and fine art. 

His use of Pop culture, Parody, Puns, and distinctive different art styles are meant to create a world where light-heartedness rules and where rules are undermined. Or to put it in his own words, he has “Creative Tourettes.”

He lives in the St. Louis area with his beautiful and funny daughter Aurora, and her extensive menagerie of stuffed animals. There also may or may not be a monkey living within the walls of the home as well. All of them are a source of incredible inspiration for David’s artwork. For more information on David check out

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