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David Braddley

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David Braddley

My most recent project of superhero/star wars masks is one that I’m really enjoying. At art shows I watch everyone’s reactions. Some laugh, some turn away in disgust, some think it is cool, and some love it, but rarely is there no reaction. I love that I get to portray these familiar characters in a new light, from a different perspective. I love taking a strong male superhero and seeing how beautiful it could be if it were a strong female superhero. We live in a world of endless possibilities and are beginning to break down the barriers that once held us back. Society is constantly drawing lines between us, telling us how we have to view one another. But art gives us a chance to say that race or sex or money doesn’t have to define how we view others or ourselves. In the end, love and acceptance will do more for our world than anything else. I hope you are moved.

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