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Da Berry Best Cosplays

Da Berry Best Cosplays

Alabama based cosplayer, Leah, started cosplaying with her twin sister around the age of 11, but took a 5 year hiatus for theatre. Having returned to cosplay in 2016 with state level awards in the costuming department, she was ready to revive her love of geek-ism with her newly found skills! Her area of expertise between the Tag Team duo involves patterning, altering, and sewing costumes, cosplay make-up, and feminine wig styling. She hopes to attain the level of cosplay where she can look completely different in almost every cosplay, and tackle any costume with little to no hesitation! She is very adamant about cos-positivity, and truly believes cosplay at the end of the day is "geeks playing dress up, so let us have fun doing it." Not only residing in the cosplay community, Leah also has interests in the artists of the convention world! Having a sister who draws, and she herself who enjoys writing, she is always so thrilled to see the creators of all kinds at conventions and admire their work! Conventions are always so inspiring, and she hopes they will continue to grow in society as an outlet for such talented artists of all kinds!


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