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D.A. Field

In D.A. Field’s inaugural literary fiction thriller – Blood Memory Society – memories are not limited to your own life, but extend back in time through your ancestral lineage… creating not only brilliantly superior intellect, but searing recollections from the past. 

The science behind Blood Memory Society is based on two factual premises: 1) Mitochondrial DNA has a strange evolution. The DNA that exists inside our mitochondria is much different than the rest of our body’s DNA. 2) Genetic memory exists in the animal world. Researchers have known for years that insects, mice and even elephants can pass along certain knowledge to their offspring that is much more than instinct. In Blood Memory Society, fact ends and fiction begins when the scientific premises infer that inherited memory is not limited to your own life, but extends back in time through your ancestral lineage.

Field’s intricately  woven story introduces the idea of a genetic mutation causing inherited memories – or blood memory – resulting in IQs never before seen in human history. Stemming from this biological transmission of memory starting in the 1600s, geniuses begin to accelerate the pace of human progress. The story contends that today only a small number of females remain capable of continuing the genius intellect via inherited memory – and a conspiracy is bent on eliminating the source.

A rapid-moving thriller, Field weaves a finely tailored strand of heart-stopping prose as we follow his protagonist, Dr. Will Dunbar, from the Bahamas to Washington, D.C., and through the Florida Keys, Atlanta, Mississippi, New Orleans and Malibu. Tapped for his expertise in reproductive medicine, Dunbar finds himself having to protect a woman with the oldest-known memory, Victoria Van Buren, a brilliant young physicist. Then, they both become the target of assassins. As Dunbar seeks to find out what is really going on, he experiences an astounding betrayal and learns some disquieting family secrets of his own.  

A doctor by day and an author by night, D.A. Field is a collector of memories, whose favorite attire is shorts and flip-flops.

Field is just as serious and committed to his family and playtime as he is about his work with patients in his successful periodontal practice. An energetic water enthusiast, just give him his boat, a clear sky, his family and an open ocean and you’ll find yourself in the presence of an ultra-happy man with a great outlook on life.

So how does someone who is a healer find himself lured to writing adventure, action thrillers with a little sci-fi and conspiracy thrown in? Storytelling comes naturally to Field. He has been a musician since age 12. While successfully pursuing his academic goals, he played in several bands and wrote the lyrics for numerous songs along the way. That talent, coupled with Field’s insatiable curiosity about people and science, is a winning combo.

A native of Natchez, Mississippi, who earned his DDS degree at LSU in New Orleans. He’s now working on Book II in the Blood Memory Society series, due Summer 2018. Field lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, with his wife and children. 

Visit the author at  Follow him on  /D.A. FIELD author  @DA Field author


“A highly imaginative and richly unique story.  My only regret is I didn’t think of it first.” Steve Berry #1 International and NYT bestselling author

“…The thriller abounds with exacting prose…enthralling premise…” Kirkus Reviews

“Built with a fascinating premise, D. A. Field’s science-fiction thriller Blood Memory Society incorporates history, scientific discovery, espionage, and political intrigue.” Clarion Review

“Blood Memory Society combines the elements of sci-fi, adventure, and thriller genres to take you on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime.“ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews , 5 Stars

 “The plot is deep and  intriguing…The characters are well developed.” Bestsellers World, 5 stars


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