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Courtney V Cusack

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Courtney V Cusack

Courtney V Cusack is a twenty-year-old artist studying Illustration in Chicago, IL, in pursuit of an Illustration BA and a Fiction Writing Minor at Columbia College Chicago. Her digitally-produced paintings and illustrations focus on using color to describe people, animals, and environments in a wide range of styles, from the ultra cartoony to hyper realistic. She connects to many different kinds of people through her different subjects and techniques, and continues evolving her artistic strategies with every new piece. 

Wizard World has captivated Courtney for the last three years as a guest, and she has finally made the leap to sell her work this year following her first small convention in May. Excited as ever, Courtney can't wait to display her work, get to know artists and guests alike, and have a great first big convention! Email:

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