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Cosplay Foam Building Workshop

cosplay Workshop

Cosplay Foam Building Workshop

Cosplay Foam Building / Foamsmithing Workshop - Presented by CosAwesome & Wulfgar Weapons / Wizard World
Come learn to build with floor-mat and craft (EVA) foam while James T. Wulfgar and other members of CosAwesome Studios guide you through your choice of a few foam builds. We will help you by presenting how to build them, answering questions, showing tricks, etc.
A few major points:
- Time: 2 hour long workshop - instructional videos first, the hands on building - Limited space, first come first serve
- In order to keep this simple, we will be using 2mm craft foam and 20mm floor mat EVA foam
- Wizard World and CosAwesome will provide the tools, foam, glue, etc. However, we encourage you to feel free to bring your own tools if you'd like to - it's great to use your own hot glue gun, hot air gun, etc.
- Tools we'll be using/demoing are Rotary tool (Dremel), hot glue gun, heat gun, utility knife, and more.
It should be a very fun day of building and learning! We are excited to do this.
A few basic rules for this workshop:
- Don't be a jerk
- Have fun
- Be safe and mindful, we are working with very hot and sharp tools, if you are not careful you could hurt yourself or someone else

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