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ComicLink® is a full-service auction house, exchange and brokerage service for vintage, investment-quality comic books and original comic art. ComicLink's mission is to help sellers maximize return, whether selling an entire collection, or selling individual comic books or comic art. Launched on the Web in 1996, ComicLink has established the strongest network of buyers and sellers of vintage comic books and comic art in the world, leading to the widest selection of listings for our buyers and frequent sales at record-breaking prices for our sellers. As a result, some of the most valuable comic books and comic art in existence have sold on ComicLink.

With our unique and revolutionary combination of options (auction or exchange placement, private-placement brokerage or direct sale), ComicLink brings users the most comprehensive and secure buying and selling environment in the industry. We pride ourselves on our experience, professionalism, extensive client base and intensive marketing of vintage comic books and comic art. ComicLink has always made customer service the top priority, has an expert and accessible staff, and a reputation for honesty and integrity throughout the industry that others simply don't have. These are just a few of the many reasons why buyers and sellers alike choose ComicLink.

Many extremely valuable vintage comic books and original art items sell on ComicLink every month, within both ComicLink Auctions and the Exchange sections. The Comic Book Exchange® houses the largest selection in the world of high-quality vintage, CGC and CBCS graded comic books. There is also a wide selection of comic books not third party graded but condition verified upon receipt by ComicLink's expert staff. There is also a large selection of comic art listings on the Comic Art ExchangeTM. ComicLink sellers have benefited from many record-setting price points on both vintage, CGC and CBCS graded comic books and original artwork.

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