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Clayton Henry

Clayton Henry

Clayton Henry has been working as a professional artist in the comic book industry since 1999.  His first title was 'The Nine Rings of Wu-Tang' published by Image.  He then worked on the acclaimed 'Area 52'.

In 2002 he was hired by Marvel to draw titles such as 'Exiles', 'Apocalypse vs. Dracula', 'Uncanny X-men', 'X-men', 'Incredible Hercules', and 'Spider-girl'.  He's also worked for DC Comics as artist on 'Suicide Squad' and 'Adventure Comics'. 

He has worked for Valiant Entertainment providing art for titles such as 'Archer and Armstrong' and 'Harbinger'. 

He is currently working on 'Black Lightning' for DC Comics.


Black Lightning


Nine Rings of Wu-Tang

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