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Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a 15-year-old sophomore at Stewart County High School and a Boy Scout with Pack 501 Middle Tennessee Chapter.  Curtis is his 25 year old brother who lives at home. They are both diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Chris is an extrovert, where his brother is an introvert and has severe social anxiety. They both suffered from bullying in the same school system for years. In 2014 Chris attempted suicide twice because of bullying.  During his second hospital stay, Chris created a superhero to fight back against bullying, someone who would help him make the world a better place.

“Brave and courageous, mighty and bold; He knows well of fear but still he fights on. He won’t fight with fists, instead with his mind. To save you, me, and all of mankind” Captain Spectrum

His primary goal is to help teach more kindness and understanding in schools around the country, but also help make a change in the world, environment, and help people and the animals in it.  Chris and his brother want to shed a bright light on the severity of bullying and its effects on others; especially those with disabilities. Teaching others about autism, and other disabilities, trying to help them understand, just because someone has a disability that doesn't make them any less different, just unique.

When Chris returned home after his second attempt at 12 years old, he asked his brother Curtis to help him write the stories about Captain Spectrum. Captain Spectrum has brought them closer and helped Curtis come out of his shell and start to experience more of the world and think about his dreams of creating, writing, and producing.

Chris has dreams of being a published author, actor and also being a Forest Ranger and pro fisherman.

Chris started the first Defend and Be a Friend Anti-Bullying Club in 2016 at his high school; he hopes the Defend and Be a Friend Club will spread to other schools and others will follow his path in kindness. 

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