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Chris Ehnot

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Chris Ehnot

Chris is an award-winning graphic designer and freelance illustrator based out of Northeast Ohio. His professional designs and artwork are featured in graphic novels, illustration magazines, design annuals and advertising publications. Some of the projects he has worked on include HBO's Game of Thrones, Double Take's Ultimate Night of the Living Dead; Funimation's Ghost in the Shell; UDON Entertainment's Capcom Fighting Tribute; TOPPS Star Wars Trading Cards; John Paul Reid's Medford Family Chronicles novel series; Coffin Comics' Lady Death; Zenescope Entertainment's Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Tales of Terror, Helsing, Wonderland, Robyn Hood, and Dark Queen; Larry Blamire’s Steam Wars; and Aspen Comics' All New Fathom, Overtaken, and Michael Turner's Soulfire. Other licenses and professional publishers he has worked for include Lucasfilm, LEGO, Overnight Productions, No Gravity Studios, Laser Lady Publishing, Arizona Publishing, Octopus Park, and Chibi Essence. 

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