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Chris Britton

Chris Britton

Actor Chris Britton and worked for years in live action and animation, playing opposite Robin Williams in The Final Cut and working with John Carpenter as the mad film critic in Cigarette Burns.

Britton is most well known for bringing the villainous Mr. Sinister to life on X-Men the animated series. Specifically designed with the original jagged teeth of the X-Men comics — per director/artist Larry Houston — Sinister was a complicated villain with more appearances than any other antagonist in the series.

Obsessed with the genetics of Jean Gray and Scott Summers, Mr. Sinister remained a constant threat to the X-Men. Sinister laid claim to the jungle known as the Savage Land, all while building his own team of villains (The Nasty Boys). His backstory predates almost all the X-Men characters, and was explored in the final season of the show.

In addition to X-Men, Britton has voiced Dr. Doom in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Starswirl The Bearded in My Little Pony, and Odin in Thor: Tales of Asgard.


X-Men: The Animated Series

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