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Chocolate Moonshine Co.


Chocolate Moonshine Co.

At Chocolate Moonshine we combine that fudge with the finest Belgian chocolate to make our famous moonshine bars. We have over thirty different flavors of moonshine bars that have the taste of a truffle and the look of something you have never seen before. You just aren’t going to find a better chocolatey treat anywhere.

We are a father and son, family owned business, so we don’t have to kowtow to a board of directors that insists on profits over quality. We can—and do—insist on quality over everything. We believe that you can’t make a quality product without using quality ingredients, quality recipes, and hiring quality people.

We feel like we aren’t just another company making something sweet. We feel like we’re different, and we feel like it shows in the quality of our end products. Our fudge and moonshine bars have been ranked by critics with the best confections in the world.

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