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Cassidy Morgan

Cassidy Morgan

Cassidy Morgan is a freelance comic book illustrator. He is potty trained, well behaved, and is rumored to have a sense of humor. If you're interested in giving him a home, please call 555-5555... But before you dial that number, let's reel it back to give you some facts about this lost puppy.  

Cassidy attended the Academy of Art University in 2010 where he studied Animation and Sequential Art. He pursued animation as a career until he realized the limited market for traditional animators in America. Still eager to draw stories, he decided comics was the way to go.  

Still an up-and-comer to the comic scene, he's only worked on a handful of independent projects. But one day he hopes to create comics full time.  

He's currently working with Ogopogo Press on a public domain superhero called "Barry Kuda." And his own independant webcomic, "Southern Belle." 

Consider following him on his social networks for future updates and announcements:

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