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Captain K

Cosplay cosplayer

Captain K

Captain K is a cosplayer, actor and model native to Colorado. A member of SAG/AFTRA and a CEO of the nonprofit CareActor Select, Karl has been working for nearly a decade bringing characters to life on stage, screen and of course, in person. His favorite part of cosplay is the word play, and no costume is complete until he bring them alive, voice and body. He has been featured by and at numerous conventions for his portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson, received the title of “The Next Dread Pirate Roberts” from Cary Elwes, earned notoriety across the country as Sexy Gandalf and operates a charity that focuses on bringing character actors to kids in need, helping them to believe in heroes. Each new character the Captain brings to life has one goal: To bring extra smiles into the world!

Please come visit the Captain at his booth for pictures, improv, videos, autographs and more!


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